Article 39 calls for government guidance on responding to institutional child abuse allegations

Article 39 has today published a briefing on the results of our pioneering research on allegations made against adults working in children’s institutional settings between 2012 and 2015, and the action taken by local authorities.

53 councils were notified of 2,479 allegations against adults working with children in institutions across this three-year period.

We make three recommendations for ensuring the child protection system works for children living in institutions:

1) The Department for Education and inspectorates consider routinely publishing data on abuse allegations and outcomes.

2) The Department for Education develop distinct guidance for local authorities on responding to institutional abuse allegations.

3) The Department for Education commission qualitative research into children’s experiences of the child protection system when they live in institutional settings.

Headline findings were first shared at our national seminar on International Children’s Rights Day (20 November). You can download the briefing from the library section of our site.