Campaign end logo, to mark its success!


26 November 2020: #ScrapSI445 campaign ends. More than 60 organisations and several hundred care experienced people, social workers and others in children’s social care (see list below) successfully defended the rights of children in care!

The #ScrapSI445 campaign was co-ordinated by a steering group: Ben Twomey, NYAS; Carolyne Willow, Article 39; David Graham, The Care Leavers’ Association; Gill Archer, UNISON; Jacki Rothwell, retired social worker and children’s rights campaigner; John Radoux, child therapist & campaigner ; Jonathan Stanley, National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care; June Thoburn, Emeritus professor of social work, University of East Anglia; Kamena Dorling, Article 39; Kathy Evans, Children England; Mark Kerr, Centre for Outcomes of Care; Natalie Williams, Children’s Rights Alliance for England; and Pete Bentley, Nagalro.


25 September 2020: Vast majority of legal protections taken away by Statutory Instrument are now restored! The following COVID-19 specific changes apply from 25 September (lasting until 31 March 2021 – see new Statutory Instrument here):

Visits by registered providers (changes to Regulation 25(4)(a) Residential Family Centres Regulations 2002) – interviews may be carried out by telephone, video-link or other electronic means if direct contact would be contrary to any coronavirus guidance published by Public Health England or the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, or is not reasonably practicable for a reason relating to the incidence or transmission of coronavirus. A record must be kept of any interview carried out remotely.
Social worker visits to children in care (changes to Regulation 28 Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England) Regulations 2010) – visits may be carried out by telephone, video-link or other electronic means if direct contact would be contrary to any coronavirus guidance published by Public Health England or the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, or is not reasonably practicable for a reason relating to the incidence or transmission of coronavirus. Any visit undertaken remotely must be carried out in accordance with any recommendations by a nominated officer, and a record must be kept of the visit.
Social worker visits to children in short breaks (changes to Regulation 48 Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England) Regulations 2010) – visits may be carried out by telephone, video-link or other electronic means if direct contact would be contrary to any coronavirus guidance published by Public Health England or the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, or is not reasonably practicable for a reason relating to the incidence or transmission of coronavirus. Any visit undertaken remotely must be carried out in accordance with any recommendations by a nominated officer, and a record must be kept of the visit.
Children’s homes duties to enable contact and communications (changes to Regulation 22 Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015) – the home can meet its duty to ensure suitable facilities are available for children to meet privately at any reasonable time with their parents, friends, relatives, social worker or others listed in the Regulations through telephone, video-link or other electronic means if direct contact would be contrary to any coronavirus guidance published by Public Health England or the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, or is not reasonably practicable for a reason relating to the incidence or transmission of coronavirus. A record must be kept of any meetings held remotely.

Three other changes have been made, where coronavirus is not specifically written into the regulations as the reason for the change: 1) pre-assessment decisions in relation to prospective adopters can be made while awaiting medical information; 2) pre-assessment decisions in relation to prospective foster carers can be made while awaiting medical information; and 3) Ofsted inspection timescales for children’s homes, residential family centres, voluntary adoption agencies and adoption support agencies, fostering agencies and holiday schemes for disabled children continue to be suspended.

21 September 2020: Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights questions whether the removal of “vital protections” from children in care was proportionate. Read report here.

4 September 2020: Court of Appeal hears our expedited appeal. Having established in the High Court that safeguards were taken away or weakened in April, we argue that the Secretary of State for Education acted unlawfully in failing to include children’s rights organisations, including the Children’s Commissioner for England, in his consultation on the proposed regulatory changes.

7 August 2020: High Court agrees that lost safeguards are fundamental to children’s protection, but finds that the Department for Education acted lawfully due to the pandemic. Read here.



The 4Front Project

Article 39

Association of Independent Visitors and Consultants to Children’s Services

Association of Professors of Social Work


British Association of Social Workers England

The Care Experienced Conference

The Care Leavers’ Association

Centre for Justice Innovation

The Centre for Outcomes of Care

Centre for Welfare Reform

Children England

Children’s Rights Alliance for England


Coram Voice

Child Rights International Network (CRIN)


Freedom from Abuse CIC

Howard League for Penal Reform

Hull Homeless Community Project

Include Me TOO


Jamma Umoja Residential Family Centres

Just for Kids Law

Kinship Carers UK

Legal Action for Women, co-ordinators of Support Not Separation Coalition 


Migrant and Refugee Children’s Legal Unit (MiCLU)


National Association for Youth Justice

Nagalro, the Professional Association for Children’s Guardians, Family Court Advisers and Independent Social Workers

National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers (NAIRO)

The National House Project 

Napo Family Court Section

National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care

National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP)

NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service)

Nest Support and Care Ltd 

Oasis Project


Play Connects

Refugee Council

Roar Pursuits CIC

Rook Irwin Sweeney LLP

Safe Ground 

Siblings Together

Single Mothers’ Self-Defence, network of single mothers

Social Pedagogy Professional Association

Social Work Action Network

Social Workers Union

Social Workers Without Borders (SWWB)

SPACE (Stop & Prevent Adolescent Criminal Exploitation)

Special Guardians & Adopters Together

Standing Committee for Youth Justice

Together for Migrant Children

Together Trust



Young Lives Foundation

Young Roots

Youth Access

Youth Legal & Resource Centre

Youth Practitioners’ Association (YPA) 


Abigail Platt-Clarke
Student social worker 

Adam Birchall
Social worker and manager

Adam Wilson
Independent reviewing officer

Afshan Ahmad
Independent social worker & foster carer

Aimii Giddens
Bachelor of Laws undergraduate 

Aisling Bouketta
Participation officer (looked after children & care leavers)

Akilah Moseley
Independent practice educator

Prof Sir Al Aynsley-Green
Professor emeritus, University College London

Alan Dapre
Children’s author (care experienced person)

Alan Metherall
Registered nurse and foster carer

Alan Patrick

Alastair Wakely
Team manager, CAMHS

Alex Morton

Alex Musgrove
Team manager, looked after children

Alicja Jaworska
Social worker

Alison Austin
Children’s guardian and independent social worker

Alison Green
Foster carer, teacher

Alison Grief QC
Queen’s Counsel specialising in the law relating to children 

Alison Kindred Byrne
Director, fostering agency

Alison Mayers
Independent reviewing officer/child protection conference chair

Alison Paddle
Independent social worker and therapist; former chair of Nagalro

Alix Walton
Senior lecturer social work, Royal Holloway, University of London

Allan Norman
Independent social worker, non-practising solicitor, Celtic Knot

Dr Amanda Austen
Consultant systemic family psychotherapist

Amanda Boorman
Charity worker, The Open Nest Charity 

Amanda Hewitt
Nursery nurse

Amanda Jackson
Independent social worker 

Dr Amanda Taylor-Beswick
Social work lecturer, Queens University Belfast

Amber Gunay
Social worker

Amy Hill
Birth child in foster family

Ana Olea Fernandez
Social worker, PhD student on the psychiatric diagnosis of foster children

Andrea Haley
Specialist nurse

Andrew de Cruz
Qualifying social worker, adopter

Andrew Rist
Practice development officer

Dr Andy Bilson
Emeritus professor of social work, School of Social Work, Care and Community, Unversity of Central Lancashire

Andy Curtis

Angie Regan
Independent social worker

Anita Franklin
Professor of childhood studies, University of Portsmouth

Ann Potter
Senior lecturer (social work)

Ann Way
Independent social worker

Anna Gupta
Professor of social work, Royal Holloway University of London

Anna Mayer
Social worker

Anna Perry
Children panel solicitor 

Annabel Lee
Care experienced barrister

Annalisa Toccara
Adoptee advocate 

Anne Crowley

Anne M Wright
Senior lecturer social work

Annette de la Cour
Independent social worker and lecturer

Anoushka Khan
Clinical psychologist

Antony Corrigan
Care experienced / MSc mental health science student

Aoife O’Higgins
Research associate

Barry Anderson
Retired former social worker and harity CEO; vice-president of National Association for Youth Justice

Barry Luckock
Senior lecturer in social work and social policy

Dr Barry Mason
Psychotherapy, training and consultation

Ben Ashcroft
Care experienced author 

Ben Feder
Social worker

Ben Rankin
Social worker

Berat Pottinger
Social worker

Bertie Matthews
Team manager

Bharti Dhir
Independent reviewing officer/child protection chair

Bob Horrocks
Former virtual school head, now education consultant (looked after children)

Brian Jubb

Brian Paget
Retired social worker

Brid Featherstone
Professor of social work, University of Huddersfield

Bruce McClure
Student social worker

Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC

Carly Waterman
Headteacher, Lodge Park Academy, Corby

Carmen Rampersad
Independent reviewing officer manager

Carol Gregory
Social worker

Carole Watson
Senior social worker

Caroline Bald
Social work lecturer, University of Essex 

Dr Caroline Barratt
Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex

Caroline Lee
Course leader, social work

Caroline Taylor-Beswick
Development manager, Boingboing

Dame Carolyn Hamilton DBE
Professor emeritus, University of Essex

Carolyn Housman
CEO, CFAB (Children and Families Across Borders)

Carolyn Westwood
Retired health visitor

Casey Armstrong
Care experienced and advocate 

Catherine Lajoinie
Local authority support worker (early help) 

Cath Larkins
Professor of childhood studies

Catherine Al Jawdah
Independent social worker

Catherine Steadman

Cathy Jermey
Named nurse for children in care and care leavers

Charles Machisa
Child protection chair

Charlotte Boyce
Children’s social worker – adoption

Charlotte Burck
Honorary consultant systemic psychotherapist, Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Charmaine Malcolm
Service manager for child protection chairs and independent reviewing officers

Cheryl Hodgson
Nursery nurse

Chris Dingley
Independent social work manager & fostering panel chair

Chris Peace
Trustee, National Association for Youth Justice

Chris Thornton
Independent reviewing officer

Chris Walsh
Retired social worker

Christian Kerr
Social worker

Dr Christine Cocker
Senior lecturer in social work, University of East Anglia, and qualified social worker

Christopher Hardy
Independent social worker

Dr Claire Baker
Researcher children in care and care leavers

Claire Fitzpatrick
Senior lecturer in criminology, Lancaster University

Claire O’Brien
Social worker

Claire Palmer
Social work lecturer

Claire Shepherd
Social Worker

Clare Ferris
Social worker

Clare Fletcher
Community midwife 

Clare Kempson
Social work student

Dr Clive Diaz

Coleen George-Lowe
Social worker for looked after children

Dr Colin Watt
Senior lecturer in social work and school governor

Revd. Colm Nevard

Corrina Bryant
Social worker

Crystal Ward
Student social worker 

Dan Mobbs
Chief executive, MAP, charity advising young people

Danica Darley
PhD researcher exploring experiences of looked after children

Daniel Mills-Da’Bell
Head of Safeguarding

Daniel North
Family & systemic psychotherapist

Daniel Wilding
Community mental health practitioner

Danielle Turney
Professor of social work, Queen’s University Belfast

Darren Coyne
Project manager, The Care Leavers’ Association

Darren Wilkins
Independent reviewing officer, independent chair (child protection) and social worker

Dave Fry
Retired social worker

David Grundy
Learning and development, social care 

David Jockelson
Child care solicitor

Dr David N Jones
Former President, International Federation of Social Workers

Debbie Brooks
Social care consultant/regulation 44 visitor

Debbie Key
Social worker

Deborah Amas
Registered social worker (child care social worker 30 years qualified) and academic (PhD social work)

Deborah Barnes
Independent reviewing officer

Dr Deborah Crook

Delma Hughes
Care leaver and art psychotherapist 

Denise Smalley
Outreach social worker

Dez Holmes
Director of Research in Practice

Diana Evans
Advocacy hub manager

Diana Harris
Independent social worker

Dominic Gonçalves
Social worker 

Dominica Wakelam
Facilitator of programmes supporting perpetrators of domestic abuse to change

Dr Donna Peach
Lecturer in social work and integrated practice, University of Salford

Ed Nixon
Every Child Leaving Care Matters (ECLCM)

Eddie O’Hara
Consultant social worker

Eileen Qayyum
Retired teacher

Elaine Farmer
Emeritus professor of child and family studies, University of Bristol

Dr Eleanor Staples

Elene Constantinou
Formerly LA head of service: regulated services

Elizabeth Cheeseright
Social worker

Elizabeth Gittins
Child bereavement practitioner / social worker

Elizabeth McAteer
Social worker/lecturer/safeguarding trainer

Elizabeth Robertson
Lead independent reviewing officer

Ellie Burch
Social worker

Ellie Kavner
Consultant family therapist and social worker

Elsie Price
Therapeutic social worker 

Emily Boardman
Child protection and adoption lawyer 

Emily Rhodes
Social worker 

Emma Conteh
Foster carer

Emma Morris
Consultant clinical psychologist

Emma Reece
Finance and admin officer, children’s services

Emma Suddle
Social worker

Esther Gray
Education associate 

Ewan Rothnie
Social worker

Fareena Shaheed
Independent social worker

Fay Berry
Independent reviewing officer

Félicity Collier OBE
Former chief executive, BAAF British Association for Adoption and Fostering 

Ffion Evans
Senior lecturer in social work

Fiona Mackenzie
Service manager

Francis Boylan
Retired social worker

Gail Joned
Independent Reviewing Officer 

Gareth Millar
Lecturer in social work

Gareth Williams
Social worker (child protection)

Gary Irwin
Retired team manager

Gary Macey
Quality assurance manager

Gavin Brotherston
Social worker

Gemma Carlin
Occupational therapist

Gemma Guerrero
Social worker

Geoff Skinner
Retired children’s services operational director

Geraldine Brady
Associate professor of social work 

Dame Gillian Pugh
Former chief executive, Coram

Glenn Nash
Looked after children social work team

Gordon Riley
Retired social worker

Hannah Kirkbride
CEO, Career Matters

Hannah Wright
Clinical psychologist (children in care)

Hanspeter Dorner
Consultant child & adolescent psychiatrist

Hazel Wyld
Ex foster carer of 54 years

Helen Avison
Independent reviewing officer

Dr Helen Crispus Jones
Clinical psychologist, child and adolescent mental health

Dr Helen Leonard
Consultant paediatrician (neurodisability) & parent 

Helen Priest
Children’s guardian 

Helen Taylor
(Senior) local authority social worker 

Henrietta Delalu
Consultant – social policy and management

Holly Greenberry
Intersex human rights and Intersex social care and policy consultant

Hugh McLaughlin
Professor of social work 

Ian Dickson
Chair of the Conference for Care Experienced People (retired) and children’s rights campaigner

Ian Gould
ECLCM ambassador

Ian Jones
Lecturer, 30 years in children’s services, current PhD research exploring child welfare considering social pedagogy 

Ian Sinclair
Emeritus professor of social work, University of York

Ian Spafford
Former LA solicitor dealing with child care cases, and adoptive parent

Jacki Rothwell
Retired independent reviewing officer

Jackie Pearce
Children panel solicitor

Jacqueline McCartney
Childminder/care experienced

Jacqui Jobson
Independent consultant

Dr Jade Johns
Social worker/registered manager 

Dr Jade Weston
Clinical psychologist in social care

Jadwiga Leigh
Senior Lecturer 

James Randall
Clinical psychologist, children looked after, Yorkshire

Jane Booth
Independent chair of the Bradford Children’s Safeguarding Partnership

Jane Daly
Senior social worker

Jane Tunstill
Emeritus professor of social work, Royal Holloway, London University

Jane Wiffin
Serious case review author

Professor Janet Boddy
Professor with 30 years experience of research with children and families, particularly in child welfare contexts

Janice Storey
Campaigner (social care)

Jasmine Pingree
Social worker 

Jay Barlow
Napo national co-vice-chair (Cafcass section)

Jayne Webster

Jeffrey Coleman
Former regional director, British Association for Adoption & Fostering

Jenni Randall
Charity founder / retired social worker

Jenni Elizabeth Burton
Independent social work assessor/consultant

Jennifer Smith
Senior social worker 

Jenny Bagchi
Operations manager/ care experienced

Jenny Dagg
Senior lecturer, social work

Jenny Humphreys
Participation manager

Dr.h.c. Jenny Molloy (Hackney Child)
Author, adviser, trainer and care leaver

Jess Sains
Social worker 

Dr Jessica Roy
Lecturer in child and family welfare, University of Bristol

Jill Thorburn
Director, Mind Of My Own

Dr Jim Goddard
Senior lecturer, University of Bradford

Jo Baker
Service leader, strategic safeguarding & quality assurance

Dr Jo Dillon
Social worker and university lecturer

Jo Feghali
Retired faculty director for childcare training in FE sector

Jo Greenaway
Researcher – children and young people’s advocacy

Jo Jackson
Retired looked after children nurse

Dr Jo Staines
Senior lecturer in childhood studies, University of Bristol

Joan Rapaport
Retired social worker and researcher

Joanne Winship
Independent reviewing officer

Joe Hanley
Lecturer in social work, Open University

Johanna Finch
Reader in social work

John Daly
Retired director of children’s services

John Golding
Care experienced person

John Ingham
Retired social worker

John Radoux
Residential care worker, child therapist, campaigner 

Jon Fayle
Associate Cafcass officer and co-chair of NAIRO

Josh Devlin
Social worker

Joy Bradley
Beanstalk Leadership Associates

Judith Fournel
Independent social work consultant

Judith Timms OBE
Founder and trustee National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS)

Judy Hardman
Children’s services consultant

Judy Henry
Family therapist

Professor Judy Sebba
Rees Centre, University of Oxford

Julie Mepham
Director of social work

Julia Pearmain
Independent social work consultant, registered social worker and independent panel chair

Julie Prior
Consultant children’s services; regulation 44 independent person

Juliet Giddins
Social worker

June Leat
Chair of Parents of traumatised adopted teens organisation

June Thoburn CBE
Emeritus professor of social work, University of East Anglia

Karen Abrams
Social work law lecturer

Karen Corteen
Senior lecturer in criminal justice

Karen Goodman
Independent social worker

Karen Tudor
Independent reviewer

Kate Mercer
Head BlackBelt Advocacy training

Kate Leonard
Senior lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London

Kate Pearson
Team manager children’s advocacy, Barnardo’s

Kate Pinchen
Student social worker

Kate Wilson
Chair , Centre for Social Work Practice, Emeritus Professor of Social Work, University of Nottingham

Katherine Mautner
Social worker and play therapist

Kathleen Hudson
Foster carer

Kathryn Badbury
Step up to social work student

Katie Clarke
Director, Bringing Us Together

Katie Ellis
Research fellow and university lecturer 

Katie Le-Billon
Charity worker, children’s sector 

Kay Everard
Team manager children’s services 

Keith Bishop
Foster dad & senior lecturer (children, young people & families) at Newman University

Kelly Rodd
Children panel solicitor

Kev Edwards
Retired care leaver

Khes Nasim
Care experienced

Kim Holt
Retired paediatrician

Kirstie Wood
Independent visitor, student social worker & care leaver

Kirsty Bentham
Local area co-ordinator

Krista Brown
Child education specialist & author

Kristi Hickle
Senior lecturer in social work

Kyle Checkley
Student social worker 

Lace Jackson
Independent social worker/ PhD researcher

Larry Sanders
Health and social care spokesperson, Green Party

Lauren Parker
Care leaver

Leanne Morton
Branch co-ordinator, Foster Care Workers Union

Lee Turnbull
Social worker

Lesley Cuthbert
Designated nurse for children in care 

Lesley Hughes
Retired social worker 

Lesley-Ann Morris Clarke
Senior advocate

Dr Leslie Hicks
Associate professor, School of Health and Social Care, University of Lincoln

Lewis Roberts
Social worker

Libby Tinworth
Care experienced project co-ordinator 

Lin Redman
Registered manager (fostering) 

Linda Hewson
Pastoral support officer

Linda Williams
Step up student social worker with children and families

Lisa Day
Parent sessional worker 

Lisa Holmes
Associate professor and director, Rees Centre

Dr Lisa Thorne
Clinical psychologist, children in care

Liz Bradford
Care experienced

Liz Davies
Professor emeritus of social work, London Metropolitan University

Liz Howard
Social worker

Liza Bingley Miller
Social worker

Lori Goossen
Principal social worker

Louise Blackburn
Youth worker

Louise Garner
Children panel solicitor

Louise O’Connor
Senior lecturer social work

Louise Purser
Social worker

Louise Topley
Independent reviewing officer 

Lucy Bright
Senior lecturer in health and social care

Lucy Cheetham

Lucy Gallagher
Team manger of a child in care team

Lucy Porteous
Teaching fellow in social work

Dr Lynn Brady
Independent advocate

Lys Clark
Student social worker

Dr Maggie Atkinson
Children’s Commissioner for England 2010-2015

Mandy Shrimpton
Social worker

Margaret Bell
Retired lecturer, researcher and practitioner in child protection and children’s rights

Maria Hamilton

Mari Lewis
Social worker, children in care service

Dr Marilyn Crawshaw
Honorary fellow, Dept of Social Policy & Social Work, University of York

Mark Pearson
Former children’s community play leader

Mark Rhodes
Regional health safety environmental & quality manager and foster carer

Mark Rudden
Social worker

Marlond Sinclair
Children’s advocate

Martha Cover

Martha Wansbrough
Chief executive and founder, Drive Forward Foundation

Martin Wray
Children panel solicitor 

Mary Ann Edwards
Child care solicitor

Maryanne Hodd
Foster care leaver and independent panel member

Mary O’shaughnessy
Postgraduate student 

Matthew Purves
Social worker 

Maurice Guyer
Secretary, Middlesex Law Society

Dr Mel McCree
Senior lecturer, early childhood studies

Mel Nash
Family therapist, child mental health

Mel Thornton
Independent trainer and social worker

Melanie Bamford
Independent reviewing officer/child protection chair

Melanie Young
Specialist nurse for children in care

Melinda Enock
Independent social worker 

Mia Gatrell
Senior lecturer 

Michaela Dunn
Social work lecturer 

Michelle Janas
MA social work student

Michelle Pattison
Team leader child support worker residential are

Professor Mike Stein
University of York

Miranda Morgan
Senior fostering social worker 

Miriam de Souza
Child care solicitor

Mo Elliott
Independent reviewing officer 

Naomi Cole
Family support worker 

Naomi Jackson
Social worker/development lead

Natalie Johnson
Student social worker 

Nathan Hickton
Residential care leaver

Nerys Hughes
Social worker/manager

Niamh Linnane
Independent advocate

Nicholas Fairbank
Family law barrister

Nick Barwick
Independent fostering consultant and care leaver

Nicola Carty
Independent reviewing officer

Nicola Chambers
Adoption panel advisor

Nicola Howard
Academic lecturer

Nicola Jackson

Dr Nigel Patrick Thomas
Professor emeritus of childhood and youth, University of Central Lancashire

Nikki Herbert
Social worker

Nikki Ledingham
Child protection social worker

Nora Duckett
Social work course lead, University of Suffolk 

Nushra Mansuri
Assistant professor in social work

Omar Mohamed
Social work student

Pam Hibbert OBE

Paramjit Panesar
Fostering reviewing officer

Pat Leeson
Independent reviewing officer and NAIRO trustee

Pat Poyser
Retired social worker

Pat Walton
Independent social work consultant fostering

Patrick Donohoe
Social worker

Patrick Kidner
Independent social worker / consultant (retired)

Paul Bywaters
Professor of social work

Paul Greenhalgh
Expert witness in family court proceedings

Paul Smart
Co-chair of NAIRO

Paula Jewes
SEND consultant

Paulette Forbes
Independent social worker

Pauline Graham
Foster carer

Pauline Lloyd
Solicitor, Law Society children panel member and assessor

Pauline Wigglesworth
HeadStart programme lead

Penelope Moult

Peta Malthouse
Retired children panel lawyer

Pete Bentley
Former British Agencies for Adoption & Fostering consultant (Newcastle) and adoption panel chair (North East)

Peter Harris
Childcare solicitor

Phil Wilshire
Head of social work and social care

Philip Hilaire-Moore
Participation officer

Phoebe Hain
Social work student

Priscilla Alderson
Professor emerita, University College London

Rachel Hek
Social work lecturer and independent social worker 

Rachel Hughes
Social work lecturer

Rachel Knowles

Rachel Maloney
Independent fostering panel chair

Rachel Mufti
Youth advocate 

Rachael Walsh
Children panel solicitor

Rachel Williams
Care experienced adult

Rajkiran Egan
Independent foster panel member

Rashid Iqbal
Children and young persons charity CEO

Ray Jones
Emeritus professor of social work, Kingston University and St George’s, University of London

Raya Tibawi
Retired children’s guardian and Independent social worker

Rebecca Bennett
Senior manager, CAMHs

Rebecca Ford
Social work lecturer

Rebecca Gaffney
McKenzie friend 

Rheanna Taylor

Dr Rich Moth
Senior lecturer in social work

Richard Ivett
Retired social worker and children’s guardian 

Richard Lynch-Smith
Social worker

Richard Servian
Chair, British Association of Social Workers UK Policy, Ethics and Human Rights Committee 

Richard Vickers OBE
Independent social worker

Rithenella Gumbs
Children’s social worker (child protection)

Robin Sen
Lecturer in social work, University of Sheffield

Rod Kippen
Youth worker 

Rodney W. Noon
Editor, Seen and Heard

Roger Smith
Professor of social work

Rois Brewster
Care experienced / prison officer

Rosalinde Woodroffe
Social worker

Rosie Blackett
Participation and development worker

Roslyn Gowers
Independent social worker & practice educator

Ross Gibson
Social worker, undertaking PhD in secure care

Roy Grimwood
Retired – former consultant and children’s advocate

Roy Leach

Ruth Erskine
Consultant child psychologist and neuropsychologist

Ruth Hawkins
Children panel solicitor

Ruth Mason
Registered nurse

Ruth Schofield
Parent of child in care

Ruth Scotten
Independent social worker & therapeutic life story practitioner

Ruth Woolsey
Doctoral researcher

Saira-Jayne Jones
Care experienced / social worker 

Sally Trench
Former children and families social work manager

Sally Wilcock
Children panel solicitor

Samantha Little
Children panel solicitor

Sammi ORourke
Care experienced/adoptee

Sara Gomes
Children’s service manager

Sarah Carr
Mental health social worker 

Sarah Dennis
Independent social worker

Sarah Edwards
Independent social worker and regulation 44 visitor

Sarah Gabriel
Children’s rights manager

Sarah Holtom
Independent reviewing officer / child protection chair

Sarah Murison

Sarah Parkes
Social worker 

Sarah Rae
Independent reviewing officer

Sarah Saunders
Independent social worker 

Sarah Stinton
Independent social worker

Selwyn McCausland
Children’s rights manager 

Dr Shadi Shahnavaz
Family therapist, Anna Freud Centre 

Shanika Mellor
Consultant psychiatrist

Sharon Cope
Student social worker

Sharon Goldman
Children’s rights and participation manager

Sharon Jennings
Lecturer in social work; independent social worker 

Sharon Martin
Chair, National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP)

Dr Sharon Pettle
Consultant child and family clinical psychologist & systemic psychotherapist

Shelly Reed
Care leaver/ working for the local authority 

Sheri Kane
Lead nurse for children in care and care leavers

Simon Cardy
Social worker

Simon Morton
Social worker

Sohila Sawhney
Researcher, Barnardo’s

Sonya Jones
Service manager and safeguarding lead 

Sophia Alexandra Hall
Care experienced researcher and social policy advisor

Sophie Ayers
Social worker

Stacy Millward
Social worker, looked after children

Stephanie Bovell
Independent reviewing officer and child protection chair

Stephanie Butler
Participation co-ordinator with looked after children and care leavers at Coram Voice (and care leaver)

Stephen Cardy
Retired social worker

Stephen Morris
Former occupant of a children’s home (17+ years)

Steve Bamlett
Retired social worker & lecturer

Steve Davies
Youth worker supporting a Children in Care Council

Steve Furber
Former social worker and residential social worker 

Steven Hawksworth
Care experienced social worker 

Steven Lucas
Social work lecturer

Stuart Thompson
Social worker

Sue Barker
Retired social work manager 

Sue Leifer
Independent social worker and former guardian ad litem

Sue Thompson
Senior advocate, child psychotherapist / adult counsellor 

Susan Brookman
Independent social worker

Susan Thomson
Team manager district child protection

Susie Wedderburn
Social worker

Sylvia Davies
Retired children’s guardian

Dr Sylvia Schroer
Chair Special Guardians & Adopters Together 

Tamara Pearcey
Registered children’s home manager 

Dr Theresa Schwaiger
Clinical psychologist

Tim Keirman
Uncle of child in care

Tim McArdle
Head of placement & recruitment (fostering)

Tim Sugden
Independent reviewing officer

Tiphanie Moore
Social worker for children and families

Tom Everard
Social worker

Dr Tracy Kirk
Academic in children and adolescent rights 

Trevor Leese
Retired senior lecturer, Staffordshire University

Twayna Mayne
Care experienced/adoptee

Victoria Neaves
Foster carer

Vinice Cowell
Social worker

Viv Howorth
Independent social worker and panel chair

Warren Murphy
Foster carer and social work student

Wayne Reid
Social worker

Will Calver
Founder and chair of trustees, Isabel’s Voice

Yusuf P McCormack
Artist, trainer & consultant

Zena Young
Independent fostering panel member, care experienced 

Zoe Martin
Social worker