Effective Children Act 1989 complaints: the essentials (NEW)

  • Wednesday 17 January 2024, 9.30am-1pm on Zoom – PLACES AVAILABLE

"The course reminded me how powerful legislation is and to be mindful to structure complaints well and frame them using a language that reflects children and young people's views, wishes and feelings."

"I have a better understanding of how to structure complaints to be clearer; I also have better ideas for possible remedies." 

"Really helpful - practical and helpful examples used. The facilitator was really helpful at answering individual queries too."

Feedback from pilot sessions participants, June 2023

Course aims:

The course will:

  • Consolidate knowledge of the legal framework underpinning statutory complaints in England;  
  • Facilitate reflection about the importance of complaints as a mechanism for challenging rights breaches and seeking redress, and the role of independent advocates within the process;  
  • Explore examples illustrating good and no-so-good practice; and  
  • Provide an opportunity to start developing a structured approach to effective complaints.  

Facilitated by Karolina Kozlowicz, Article 39’s Head of Advocacy Support.

Course participants:

The course is open to members of our Children and Young People’s Advocates Network and has been designed specifically for those:  

  • With limited or no experience of supporting children and young people to make complaints under the Children Act 1989; and/or 
  • Wishing to review their practice with the goal of improving the effectiveness of complaints.  

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