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Change through Advocacy is an annual publication created by children, young people and advocates, with support from the Article 39 team. The magazine captures what advocacy is all about - relationships, an unwavering commitment to children's rights, respect for each child and young person as an individual, and the power of listening to and valuing children and young people's voices and experiences. 

About the 2022 Change through Advocacy magazine

Our December 2022 magazine, which you can read here, was created by a project group of five young people - Alexis, India, Laila, Michael and Sumera - and an advocate - Sophie. The group met regularly over a period of four months and gave many hours, countless ideas and a huge amount of commitment to the project. We are incredibly grateful for all your hard work and feel very proud of what we have achieved together! 

We would also like to thank the many children and young people who shared their experiences and views with us through words and art. This magazine is your achievement too!  

Finally, we want to thank all the members of Article 39's Children and Young People's Advocates Network for taking part in the project, and sharing your thoughts and experiences. We hope this magazine will make you feel valued and appreciated. 

Thank you everyone!  

Get involved in Change through Advocacy

If you’d like to get involved in this part of our work, please contact Millie Hall, Children and Young People’s Activism Lead at Article 39: