Review of pain-inducing restraint

The Ministry of Justice is reviewing its authorisation of pain-inducing restraint by GEOAmey escort custody officers taking children to and from secure children’s homes and secure training centres. This follows our threat of legal action. Restraint techniques which deliberately inflict pain on children are banned in secure children’s homes. Yet escort custody officers employed by … Read more

Medical assessment of restraint

Article 39 has obtained a copy of the Independent Medical Assessor’s rating of different restraint techniques and scenarios applying to: children in custody; children escorted to custody; and children being deported on aircraft. This is the first time this information has entered the public domain. We elicited the information through freedom of information request to … Read more

Escort staff to be allowed to inflict pain on children

Earlier this month, Prisons Minister Andrew Selous indicated in response to a parliamentary question that escort officers transporting children to and from secure training centres and secure children’s homes would start using the Minimising and Managing Physical Restraint (MMPR) system from April 2016. Article 39 wrote to the Minister expressing concern about this move, since … Read more