Parliamentary probe about serious child abuse in Derbyshire hospital

The Government has confirmed that no decision has yet been taken about a serious case review into allegations of very serious child abuse in Aston Hall hospital, in Derbyshire, across the 1960s and ’70s. An investigation by the Derby Telegraph newspaper led to 39 former patients, many of them children at the time, going public … Read more


Tonight’s BBC Panorama exposé showed children being treated appallingly by male officers working at G4S-run Medway secure training centre. The programme showed footage of: Officers deliberately escalating incidents so they could (in their minds) justify restraining/assaulting children A child being restrained through pain and excessive force, and being unable to breathe A child being held … Read more

Winterbourne View: lessons for children’s institutions

With the news that BBC Panorama plans to broadcast its programme on Medway secure training centre* this coming Monday (11th January), it’s worth reflecting on an earlier investigation into abusive restraint and other cruelty. Depending on the content of the programme, of course, might we expect the same level of concern and action for children? … Read more

Sexual abuse in child custody and residential schools

The Goddard Inquiry has announced that the sexual abuse of children in custodial institutions, and the sexual abuse of children in residential schools, will form two of its first 12 investigations. The scope of the custodial investigation is summarised as follows: “The Inquiry will investigate the nature and extent of, and institutional responses to, the … Read more

Institutional child abuse investigations in nearly a quarter of councils

Article 39 has found that investigations into past abuse in council-run children’s homes are taking place in 24% of local authorities. We obtained the data through a freedom of information request to all English local authorities. Of 75 local authorities that answered the question, 18 were aware of investigations into past abuse in children’s homes … Read more