Children’s rights legal digest – October 2023

This judgment is connected to a set of proceedings relating to housing ([2022] EWHC 2008 (Admin)), education and social care provision by several public bodies across two local authority areas. Please note that the summary below relates to [2023] EWHC 489 (Admin) (07 March 2023), a claim by two children, ZB and DB, brought by … Read more

Children’s rights legal digest – July 2023

Please note that the summary below covers only a selected aspect of the judgment, namely the claim by the father of a looked after child that the local authority breached its statutory duties with respect to the child’s religious upbringing. For a list of all the applications made to the High Court as part of … Read more

Children’s rights legal digest – April 2023

In this issue we examine a crucial 2018 decision of the Upper Tribunal which concerned an 11 year-old boy who has autism whose parents appealed against his fixed period exclusion from school for what the school described as ‘aggressive behaviour’. The Upper Tribunal found that, in the context of education, the Equality Act 2010 (Disability) … Read more

Children’s rights legal digest – February 2023

In January 2023, considering the situation of a highly vulnerable 16 year-old girl, the High Court refused to use its inherent jurisdiction to sanction broad-ranging restrictions on the girl’s use of her mobile phone, tablet, laptop and her access to social media. The restrictions were being proposed by the local authority looking after the girl … Read more

Children’s rights legal digest – August 2022

In this issue, we focus on a recent High Court judgment in which the wishes of a ‘Gillick competent’ 12 year-old girl to be removed from foster care and returned home to her mother’s care were granted by the court. The girl had been subjected to “draconian restrictions” on her family and social life after … Read more