Article 39 submits evidence to Commission on FOI

The Commission on Freedom of Information issued a call for evidence on 9 October, with a deadline of midnight tonight. Article 39 has submitted evidence of important information brought into the public domain because of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. This includes information: about the restraint techniques authorised for use in secure training centres … Read more

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Child prison restraint manual FOI appeal

Permission has been granted for an Upper Tribunal hearing on whether the manual governing the use of restraint on imprisoned children should be made public. A version of the manual was published by the Ministry of Justice in July 2012, with 182 redactions. Within days of its publication, Article 39’s Director made a freedom of … Read more

Article 39 joins others in urging PM not to weaken FOI Act

Article 39 is one of 140 media bodies, campaign groups and others to have written to the Prime Minister expressing “serious concern” at the government’s approach to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. The letter was co-ordinated by the Campaign for Freedom of Information. More information here.

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