Education Select Committee holds pre-appointment hearing with government’s preferred candidate for Children’s Commissioner for England

On Tuesday 15 December at 10am, Parliament’s Education Select Committee will hold a pre-appointment hearing with Dame Rachel de Souza, the government’s preferred candidate for the next Children’s Commissioner for England. This short briefing summarises the statutory role of the Children’s Commissioner for England and the history of its development, particularly highlighting legal duties in … Read more

The Adoption and Children (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Regulations 2020* – legal challenge update

*Known as Statutory Instrument 445 On 21 August, Article 39 was granted permission to take its legal challenge over Statutory Instrument 445 to the Court of Appeal. In granting permission, the Rt. Hon. Lady Justice Macur said our appeal “has a real prospect of success on the basis that the Children’s Commissioner, at least, was not … Read more

Action on children and young people’s advocacy

Article 39’s Advocates4U campaign, run in partnership with Coram Voice, NYAS and the National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers, today launches a progress report on children and young people’s advocacy services. A year ago, the Children’s Commissioner for England published a report with 10 recommendations for improving children and young people’s access to, and the … Read more