Experts oppose radical deregulation in children’s social care

Article 39 is one of 40 organisations and children’s social care experts voicing its strong objections to changes proposed in the Children and Social Work Bill. The Together for Children campaign site, launched today, explains the risks to children and young people of Clauses 29-33 of the Bill and lists organisations and individuals who have … Read more

DfE refuses to release key children’s services report

The Department for Education has today refused our freedom of information request for disclosure of a report it commissioned from LaingBuisson in 2014. We understand the report contains advice for the Government on moving children’s social care services out of local authorities. This could include the major transfer of children’s services to profit-making companies. In … Read more

Peers warn Government Clause 15 could be voted down

Clause 15 of the Children and Social Work Bill was debated in the House of Lords last night (11 July), and received strong opposition. This part of the controversial Bill introduces a fast-track procedure for the removal of the majority of primary and secondary legislation, passed since 1933, related to children’s social care. Lord Watson … Read more

Government names first three safeguards to be “exempt”

The Children and Social Work Bill had its Second Reading in the House of Lords last night. Fifteen Peers expressed concerns about Clause 15 of the Bill, which introduces a fast-track process for removing rights and safeguards which Lord Warner explained “have built up over many years—indeed, over many decades”. During his closing of the … Read more

Radical changes to children’s social care – threats explained

Article 39 has briefed Peers on the grave threats to children’s social care rights contained in the Children and Social Work Bill, which has Second Reading in the Lords on Tuesday 14 June. This is the start of its Parliamentary passage. There has been no public consultation on the radical changes to children’s social care … Read more