Children’s rights legal digest – November 2023

Local Government Ombudsman recommends individual and service level remedies following council failings towards two children and their special guardians Background Mr and Mrs X started caring for two children (referred to in the decision as ‘B’ and ‘C’) as family foster carers after the children were removed from their home because of serious concerns about … Read more

Children’s rights legal digest – August 2023

Delays in investigating and implementing the recommendations following a complex Children Act 1989 complaint “excessive and unacceptable”, concludes Local Government Ombudsman The complaint Mr B, who is care experienced*, complained to the Ombudsman about excessive delays to the handing of a complaint he made under the Children Act 1989 about “failures towards him as a … Read more

Children’s rights legal digest – July 2023

Please note that the summary below covers only a selected aspect of the judgment, namely the claim by the father of a looked after child that the local authority breached its statutory duties with respect to the child’s religious upbringing. For a list of all the applications made to the High Court as part of … Read more

Children’s rights legal digest – June 2023

In this issue we revisit the seminal 2012 High Court judgment concerning A and S – two brothers whose human rights were gravely violated while they were in local authority care. The High Court found that because of numerous, protracted failings by the local authority, as well as repeated failure by the boys’ independent reviewing … Read more

Children’s rights legal digest – May 2023

In this issue we zoom in on a 2018 judicial review in which the High Court found a local authority had failed to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in need, breaching statutory duties under the Children Act 1989 and Children Act 2004. In the same judgment, the High Court concluded a local housing … Read more