What is this group about?

Article 39 is a small, independent charity which fights for the rights of children who live in group-based settings like children’s homes, hospitals and prisons. We want children and young people’s views and experiences to be understood, and for your voices to be heard and respected always.

Blooming Change supports children and young people to have your say on what should change to make mental health hospitals, and the laws and rules that they follow, much better for children and young people.

Members of the group have already had their say on government guidance for hospitals on reducing restraint. Their accounts of restraint and segregation are now published within the government’s guidance – brilliant!

Blooming Change is working on two important things right now:

** Creating a brand new training course for independent mental health advocates, to help them be even better at listening to children with mental health problems and protecting your rights.  

** Informing children and young people (under 18-year-olds) who are in hospital about their rights to be safe and protected from abusive and unnecessary use of force/restraint. These new rights are contained in the Mental Health Units (Use of Force) Act 2018, which hospitals have had to follow since December 2021. You can read Article 39’s summary of the legislation here.

Who can join Blooming Change?

Children and young people who are aged 25 or younger and who:

  • Have been in hospital as a child for mental health reasons,  
  • Are keen to join with others to protect the rights of children and young people in mental health hospitals, and 
  • Are able to meet with us on Zoom (usually once a month, as a rough guide).

We are especially keen to hear from you if you are aged under 18!

What you can count on

You do not need to have done anything like this before. We welcome children and young people who want to share their thoughts and ideas about mental health services, who want to learn new things and who want to be a part of changing things with others.

If you choose to join Blooming Change, you can count on Article 39 staff to:

  • Respect you just as you are. Whether you are shy and quiet or bubbly and chatty – we will value and include you.
  • Support you to make sure that you feel safe and in control of what you do as part of this group.   
  • Not ask you anything personal and we will not expect you to take part in anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. 
Contact us here

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