We are fundraising to legally challenge unjustified restraint

Today Article 39 children’s rights charity launches a CrowdJustice appeal to try and raise enough funds to legally challenge painful and unjustified restraint on vulnerable children escorted to and from secure children’s homes.

Escort custody officers working for the private firm GeoAmey have been trained and authorised to deliberately inflict pain on children during escorts to and from secure children’s homes. This kind of restraint has been banned within secure children’s homes since 2011.

GeoAmey officers can restrain to maintain good order and discipline, even though the Court of Appeal quashed similar rules as a breach of children’s human rights.

Officers can even fasten a ‘waist restraint belt’ on children – restraint equipment banned by the Home Office for pregnant women.

CrowdJustice appeals run on an all-or-nothing basis: we must meet the whole £8,000 target within 30 days or we receive nothing.


  • Please donate if you can
  • Please share with your family, friends and colleagues
  • Please circulate information to networks concerned with the rights of vulnerable children.

Twitter #NoPainRestraint