Updated briefing on Children and Social Work Bill

Following last week’s revelations that LaingBuisson has advised Ministers on how to achieve “whole system” outsourcing in children’s social care, we have updated our briefing for Members of Parliament. MPs debate the Children and Social Work Bill for the first time this afternoon. Our updated briefing summarises the LaingBuisson advice and highlights the possible links … Read more

Medical assessment of restraint

Article 39 has obtained a copy of the Independent Medical Assessor’s rating of different restraint techniques and scenarios applying to: children in custody; children escorted to custody; and children being deported on aircraft. This is the first time this information has entered the public domain. We elicited the information through freedom of information request to … Read more

Secret report on future of children’s services finally published

After a two-year delay, the Department for Education (DfE) has published the report it commissioned from LaingBuisson and Cobic, which sets out how children’s social care services can be moved out of local authority control. The DfE Advisory Panel, consisting of Professor Julian Le Grand, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics; Alan Wood, then … Read more

MPs urged to defend children’s social care rights

Members of Parliament will consider the Children and Social Work Bill for the first time on Monday December 5th. Controversial exemption clauses, which would have allowed individual councils to be excused from their children’s social care statutory duties, were deleted by Peers last month. Article 39 is one of 43 organisations who oppose the exemption … Read more