Peers urged to defend the rights of vulnerable children

Article 39 has delivered its final briefing to Peers, for this stage of debates on the Children and Social Work Bill.

We have asked Peers to support amendments tabled by Lord Ramsbotham, Lord Watson, Lord Warner and Lord Low, which would remove Clauses 29-33 from the Bill. The amendments will be voted on tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, 8 November).

Clauses 29-33 introduce a fast-track process for the removal of council duties to vulnerable children and care leavers. Article 39 is one of 43 organisations publicly opposing these legal opt outs. Our Director, Carolyne Willow, says:

“Not a shred of evidence has been offered by the Government to make the case for this radical legislation. We have not been able to find any similar legal opt outs in children’s social care systems in other European countries. Legal obligations to children in dire need of care, protection and support have built up over 80 years. They are far too precious to be sacrificed to this ill-thought out and dangerous experiment.”

Read our briefing here.
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