Escort staff to be allowed to inflict pain on children

Earlier this month, Prisons Minister Andrew Selous indicated in response to a parliamentary question that escort officers transporting children to and from secure training centres and secure children’s homes would start using the Minimising and Managing Physical Restraint (MMPR) system from April 2016. Article 39 wrote to the Minister expressing concern about this move, since … Read more

Children are not chattel

The Guardian newspaper has today exposed further serious child abuse at G4S Medway secure training centre. The allegations include: A 15 year-old girl, Roni, being left alone in her locked room whilst she was miscarrying. She was handed two sanitary towels. G4S took her to hospital a week and a half later Restraint routinely used … Read more

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Therapeutic intervention rated by children and young people

Evaluation of the NSPCC’s therapeutic work with children and young people aged 8 to 17 years shows many positive outcomes. Children reported liking their worker; felt their worker was on their side; and believed they were working together positively to deal with problems in the child’s life. The intervention is called Letting the Future In … Read more

Deaths in child prisons

As the government prepares its plans for secure schools, it must surely be considering the tremendous harm caused to children by imprisonment across the decades. One such indicator is the number of children who have died in prisons. Data recently released by the Ministry of Justice shows 52 children died in young offender institutions (and … Read more