Tonight’s BBC Panorama exposé showed children being treated appallingly by male officers working at G4S-run Medway secure training centre. The programme showed footage of: Officers deliberately escalating incidents so they could (in their minds) justify restraining/assaulting children A child being restrained through pain and excessive force, and being unable to breathe A child being held … Read more

Winterbourne View: lessons for children’s institutions

With the news that BBC Panorama plans to broadcast its programme on Medway secure training centre* this coming Monday (11th January), it’s worth reflecting on an earlier investigation into abusive restraint and other cruelty. Depending on the content of the programme, of course, might we expect the same level of concern and action for children? … Read more

Systemic abuse allegations at G4S-run child prison

Seven members of staff have been suspended following extremely serious allegations of child abuse at Medway secure training centre in Kent. The allegations include officers: Punching children Repeatedly slapping children on the head Using inappropriate restraint techniques, which, in one incident, involved squeezing a child’s windpipe so hard he couldn’t breathe Boasting of mistreating children: … Read more