Young experts set out principles for support

Young experts in the Force for Change group have set out their principles for child-centred support. The young people have been working with the NSPCC, and their advice is included in the charity’s new campaign report, called It’s time.

The five principles are:

“Every child and young person deserves support which:

  • is from a professional who understands the nature of abuse and the help they need
  • is from a professional whom they trust and can have an honest relationship with
  • is from a professional who knows their story and whom they can rely on
  • is built around their needs – when they need it, for as long as they need it, at times that fit into their lives
  • is available in a space that is safe and reassuring.”

The NSPCC estimates half a million children are abused by a parent or guardian every year. It urges the government to prioritise therapeutic support for abused and neglected children by ring-fencing funding within the £1.25 billion already committed to child mental health services.

Read the NSPCC’s campaign report here, which includes the Force for Change group’s principles.